Fethiye - Göcek -Fethiye Blue Cruise

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Fethiye - Göcek -Fethiye Blue Cruise

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Fethiye - Göcek -Fethiye Blue Cruise From: Tour Date : Duration : 7 Days

Tour Itinerary

Day 1.

We get into our boat by Fethiye Yacht Port and start our day at 14.00. After we checkout from Harbor Master, we sail towards our first destination which is the magical Boncuklu Bay. After we rest up and swim for a while at the Boncuklu Bay, we move along to our final destination of the day, Turunç Fountain Bay, where we’ll eat our dinner, very famous Mediterrenaen Cuisine, and spend the night.


Day 2.

Our boat sails after our guests ate served their breakfast, traditional Turkish breakfast, we sail towards the Butterfly Valley.  We serve lunch and our guests swim in this beautiful bay, then we move towards the World famous Belcekız Beach and move along to St. Nicholas Island (Gemiler Island)  where we harbor and stay for the night.

Day 3.

We sail from St. Nicholas Island before breakfast and  drop anchor in Ağ Bay. After we serve breakfast and take a little swimming break, we sail towards Binlik Bay, and our guests are served their lunch. Afterwards, our boat sails towards the Batık Hamam Bay to have dinner and rest for the night.

Day 4.

Our boat sails after the breakfast to move along to the Bedri Rahmi Bay. Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu is a very famous Turkish poet, writer, and painter who left a masterpiece on the island, thus the island was named after him. Our guests get to step on the island and stroll through the famous work of art of Bedri Rahmi. For the night, we sail towards Göbün Bay.

Day 5.

Day starts after breakfast when we start to sail towards Tersane Island. Tersane Island was the home of Greek who built one of the oldest shipyards in the World. After Tersane Island, we sail towards our last destination of the day, for the overnight stay and dinner, The Domuz Island.

Day 6.

After breakfast, we sail towards one of the Symbolic Islands of Göcek Bays, the Yassıcalar Island. Yassıcalar Island is incredibly well known for it’s Gözleme, a traditional Turkish food. If they want, our guests can step on the island and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea while eating their Gözleme, or they can just swim and eat their lunch on the boat. After this memorable visit to Yassıcalar Island, our boat sails towards  Göcek Island for the night.

Day 7.

We sail from the Göcek Island after breakfast, and move towards the Katrancı Island for the lunch and the swimming break. Then we sail towards either the Samanlık or the Boncuklu Bay to accommodate for the night.

Day 8.

After we serve breakfast to our guests at the Bay, we sail towards the Fethiye Yacht Port and finish our blue cruise.